At Times Square Remodelling, we have a wide variety of fully licensed, bonded and insured contractors waiting to do the job. We offer a range of services from kitchen or bathroom remodelling, house extensions, roofing, additions of solar panels and even just paint jobs or the changing of windows and doors.

Our design team will firstly help you create the blueprints you need to put your vision on paper, we can work with you and advise you in making the most practical yet unique customisations you want in your home. We aim to serve you with the highest level of professionalism and friendliness possible, whilst easing you through the entire process helping you make the right decisions with the remodelling being done in your home. Our objective is let our customers be aware they are in control and any remodelling work will only be done once you are 100% satisfied and ready to begin.

Times Square Remodelling aims to ensure your remodelling is done in the way you envisioned it. One of the most popular remodelling projects is the expansion or updating of kitchens. The kitchen is no doubt the one room that makes a house a home. This is where the family will have breakfast together, the kids will be learning to bake in and guests will be coming in to converse with you. Undoubtedly a lot happens in the kitchen and this room is a key member of the family’s story. Some of the most common kitchen projects that take place are changing of cabinets and countertops, tiles that make up the walls as well as the flooring, plumbing tweaks and lighting.

Bathroom renovations are the second most common projects we undertake. Usually customers like to personalise their bathroom in such a way that it gives off either a subtle luxurious and sensual feeling like a spa or bright and refreshing. Either way we can help you pick out the right materials to portray the feeling you desire and help it feel more spacious. Bathroom renovations usually consist of replacing showers and bathtubs, flooring and wall tiles, lighting and the improvement of plumbing and electrical conditions.

Our paint contractors can help you enhance the interior paint as well as exterior paint of your home. Exterior walls can be treated with stucco repair or cleaned by power washing also. Before any work begins the walls will be primed and stripped of any previous paint to make sure the final result is exceptionally well refined.

Solar panelling has undeniably become the new energy efficient investment in upgrading your home and saving on energy bills long term. By adding solar panels you are increasing the value of your home as well as helping to move towards clean energy. We offer contractors specially trained and experienced in the installation of solar panels who can then also explain to you more about how they work.

Can’t see what you’re looking for here? Feel free to give us a call and have a consultation with Times Square Remodelling on the phone now to see if we can offer you the kind of work you require.

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